THE SETUP: DIAGEO asked us to help Baileys expand its current older consumer base to a younger and health-conscious drinker who does not currently drink Baileys Original, positioning Baileys Deliciously Light as a treat you can enjoy at any time of the year.


THE TURNING POINT: Inspired by the recent cultural shift caused by a new generation of activists, many Young Millennials see themselves aligning more with GenZ values than with those of Old Millennials. DIAGEO's business growth is not with Millennials in general, but with Young Millennials.


THE RESOLUTION: Bailey’s Deliciously Light evolves with the cultural shifts. It is disruptive, yet inclusive just like this new generation of drinkers. It is LIGHT, FLAVORFUL, FLUID, and BEYOND ORIGINAL.

The Intersectors

That is how we call this group of Young Millennials that makes Baileys Deliciously Light's new consumer base.

They were born at a very special moment: the cusp between the last generation of digital immigrants and the first generation of digital natives. A
 moment at the intersection of two curves in human history: life before and after digitalization.


Baileys Deliciously Light's | Persona Video | Runtime 52 secs

Production: LDMM | Photos:

Song: One Kiss by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris (Joey Stux ft. Soha Akile Remix)

One of the characteristics that sets The Intersectors’ mindset apart is how inclusive they are. They are also passionate about social issues, especially with gender equality - no other group or generation has accepted gender as fully as The Interceptors have.


In order to guide our communication goals, we emphasized the characteristics of Baileys Deliciously Light, which are also the characteristics of The Intersectors: light, flavorful, and fluid, while respectfully moving away from Baileys Original with the BEYOND ORIGINAL campaign.



This campaign will never feel containment. The fluidity of Baileys Deliciously Light, and The Intersectors, will be present in every piece of execution, be it in digital ads in Times Square, Instagram stories, printed posters in storefronts, stands inside liquor stores, app filters or projections at sponsored events. It also allows the brand to star in its ads any gender, cocktail, race, or flavor it desires.


The light, flavorful, and fluid characteristics of Baileys Deliciously Light and its consumers are also present in our time-based media. Inspired by Tiktok videos, this execution is starring Intersectors from different places of the world and from different backgrounds, digitally connected and dancing to the original choreography created for the Beyond Original campaign.

Baileys Deliciously Light's | Time Based | Runtime 31 secs

Production: LDMM | Choreography: @madumoreirab

Song: Link by Tierra Whack


The #BeyondOriginalChallenge works with strategic micro-influencers such as bartenders, chefs, and foodies to stimulate self-expression through the use of Baileys Deliciously Light. Anyone with a light, flavorful, and fluid mindset can participate. Then, we will recognize and share the Beyond Original creations of all those who take this challenge as a way to express themselves.

The #BeyondOriginalChallenge was inspired by the Brazilian bartender Cristiano Faria. Based in São Paulo Cristiano was one of the ten finalist of the Diageo's 2021 World Class Brazil competition. We met Cristiano through our social media channels, and offered him a challenge: to create a drink with Baileys Deliciously Light and a citric ingredient. He accepted the challenge, and we shipped him a bottle to Brazil.

Cristiano not only mixed Baileys Deliciously Light with a citric ingredient, but mixed it with two citric ingredients - one of them was lemon!

The light, flavorful and fluid traits of the product shine again. Cristiano named his creation "Beyond Original."


Baileys Deliciously Light's | #BeyondOriginalChallenge| Runtime 1 min 30 sec

Production: LDMM | Mixologist: @crisfariabartender

Song: Samba da Benção by Bebel Gilberto


Through the audio-based social network CLUBHOUSE, Baileys Deliciously Light will connect with stakeholders such as bartenders and distributors.


Moderated by Diageo, and featuring as speakers the bartenders who have participated in Diageo's World Class competitions around the world the Beyond Original chat room will cultivate creativity and freedom, and welcome people from all over the world who want to listen, talk, share, and learn in real-time.

The BEYOND ORIGINAL campaign allows for everyone with an Interseptor's mindset to experience Baileys Deliciously Light through sight and hearing, but it is being Light, Flavorful, and Fluid that allows for the touch, smell, and taste of it.



Full Cast & Crew

DIAGEO: Client

Baileys Deliciously Light: Brand

LDMM: Copywriter

Starley J Sandez: Art Director

Riya Mehta: Strategic Manager

Amy Chuyin Liang: Strategic Manager

Dimandja Utshudi: Account Manager

Marian Cuestas: PR Strategist